Thursday, October 1, 2015

Creator of Concrete Canoes?

This morning when I woke up, Elder Starkey asked me, when our blonde-haired wonder emerged into this busy world if I had an inkling that she would be a civil engineer.

Not an inkling.  

But her brothers and sisters celebrated.  All seven, and extra love in a grandmother's driving pretty much to Seattle to find a Bellevue hospital.  They all gathered around the metal bed to eat mom's 
strawberries and see what the stork brought.  

 She wasn't sure what she wanted to be when she grew up, but whatever it was, she wanted a head start!
She has had a flair for mixing things up 
 and adding spice to the path. 
 Water has been a fascination 
 And her family likes being surprised by the next good thing she chooses!
She works to be wise in allocating resources
 and be a team player 
She has a spark to her step, 
 and knows where to find help
 She adds innovation from supervising sand castles to stringing tents
 Thinking well on her own, she makes a valuable addition to any group
 even when things turn out a little sour...or boring! 
 She is good with circles, lines, 
pyramids, triangles,

 and discovering                              beauty  
    in her own way
                          and leading others to find it too.
 Her sisters are not surprised  as she makes progress with sand (rocks, and concrete paths.) 
She smiles in water, and when surrounded with people who are like her and like her 

She looks to notice and lift others (even when she's beat)

as she works at building things.
 She is bright,

outstanding in her field

  Rock solid, full of grit